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About us

We at White Haathi aim at bringing out the true meaning of inner beauty and imperfections through contemporary and modern designs. It complements the zeitgeist of the present-day woman on the go. Handcrafted by local artisans, our brand focuses on the art of making jewelry that is ethically crafted and deeply rooted in its core belief of doing right to the consumer who buy and the artisans who bring that breath of life to the designs.

The middle of the Pandemic era of 2021 marks our founding stone. White Haathi jewelry not only aims at enhancing the beauty of wearing it. But it also dives deep into establishing a never-ending relationship with the one who wears it.

Initiated in the midway of the global pandemic, White Haathi is here to spread a supporting hand to the local artisans. A venture started to support the ones who were on the edge of losing their jobs.
Our primary goal is to bring out the true meaning of the pieces of jewelry a woman wears, the ones who are bold, compassionate, beautiful, and modern, those who find it equally crucial to contribute towards society as much as looking good.

Our artisans use mostly chemical-free polish to suit every skin type. Every design goes through various processes to ensure it complements everyone's design palette, from intricate designs to bold pieces. We have it all under one roof.